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Beacon, at its core, is about people. We want to be a people who know who they are as beloved children of God, but who never want to stop seeking out God and living in this divine drama that we call life. We want to be a people who help others to figure this whole life thing out, and who walk along with others as they seek to find real relationship, and the real God. We want to both embrace the assurance that God is always there, and also embrace the tension and mystery that come with not always seeing that so clearly...

So, what does that mean for you? It means that we would love the opportunity to walk with you as you navigate the sea of life. We would love to see you here on a Sunday morning as we meet to fellowship and celebrate what God has, and is doing here.

We don't call our Sunday gathering a "service" per se . . . but rather, we enjoy "Conversations" together.  Conversations with one another . . . but more importantly, we long to enjoy the "Conversations" that the Trinity has had throughout the Scriptures as we read and study them together.  We also "listen" in to Their "Conversation" through songs and joining in prayer together.   So that may be a bit new to you . . . but we think you'll enjoy joining us on a Sunday gathering together!   We start getting together about 9:30 am "ish" both Online via Facebook as well as a few gathering at our building location.  We ask that during this unprecedented season in our world, that you wear a mask and practice our social distancing guidelines as we gather. 

You can also get in on other discussions by visiting our blog here:

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